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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Tupperware Brands products are guaranteed for a lifetime of service with minimum care. Now I will share with you a few tips on cleaning, storing and to maintain your Tupperware in good condition. Follow these simple steps for the best results.


As you cleaning your tupperware using hand-wash, make sure you use:

  • warm, soapy water and a soft sponge to avoid any scratches to your precious Tupperware.
  • Dry it with soft towel or air-dry away from direct heat.
  • Avoid any abrasive cleaners as these will dull the finish or leave scratches.
  • Baking soda paste can be use to remove any stain or to get rid of stickiness. 


  • Hot liquid that contains fat - you must cool it before you place it in your Tupperware. Hot liquid can damage the container.
  • Hot beverages made with boiling water - Let the liquid cool before applying the seal.
  • If seal too tight, place it in hot water for a few minutes then apply it to the container while the seal is still warm.
  • Liquid storage in containers - keep it in upright position unless it is from "Classic Round Seals Product" which is "liquid tight".


  • Reheatable products are mainly for reheating foods, NOT cooking foods inside it.
  • Do not use reheatable products:

          - In the conventional oven.
          - On the stove.
          - Under a grill
          - In convection wave.

  • Do not  use containers in the microwave with the seal on it.
  • Reheating tomatos or chilli-based sauces and food may cause staining to your pretty Tupperware.
  • Avoid reheating foods high in fat or sugar content as they reach higher temperature quickly and may cause damage to your containers.


  • Use only TupperWave products only in microwave.
  • Do not use in conventional oven, under a grill or on the stove.
  • Always use pot holder to handle containers after cooking in microwave.
  • Use plastic or wooden utensil to avoid scratches.
  • Avoid cooking small amount of food high in fat and high sugar content.

Cleaning Guide for TupperWave and Reheatable Products

  • Wash containers and seals in warm soapy water.
  • Soak in hot, soapy water if food is sticky or baked on.
  • For persistent stains, use of the following:

           - non-scratching cleaner
           - non-scratching pad
           - strong solution of detergent and water.

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